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Divorce hurts, but it doesn't have to be nasty. When we think of what makes divorce and family law litigation nasty, we usually think of the emotional ups and downs of constantly fighting, a lengthy litigation battle, and ultimately high attorney fee costs. At Meriwether & Tharp, we believe there's a better way. 
Our experienced family law and divorce lawyers understand that constant fighting and drawn out litigation lead to high legal costs. Our lawyers will first attempt to timely settle your case in an amicable and cost effective manner without you ever having to go to court to try your case. Nevertheless, M&T understands that some things are worth fighting for. That’s why we will not hesitate to fight for you and your children if need be. Our trusted family law lawyers, work hard to explain Florida divorce and family law in an easy to understand manner. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions so you can focus on managing your day to day life. We will take care of your family law issues. You take care of your life. 
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We Are Your Source for Florida Divorce

With a huge library of resources that covers every aspect of divorce from start to finish...

How We Help Clients Through Difficult Times

  • Your Source for Florida Divorce

    We know you have questions, that’s why we’re here with the answers you need. Our website,, has hundreds of pages of established, easy-to-read content explaining Florida divorce law from child custody and support to fair asset division. Our website is constantly being updated as the law changes and as more nuances in family law are created. We work hard to demistify divorce law and educate our clients so they can make informed decisions. Our dedication to providing one of the comprehensive compilations of family law and divorce content on the web is why we are your source for Florida divorce.

  • Experienced Family Law Advisors

    Meriwether & Tharp, LLC is dedicated solely to the practice of family law. Family and divorce is our focus, it's what we do best. Our experienced family law lawyers constantly attend specialized seminars and lectures to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in family law and psychology. Our lawyers taught other lawyers in the community about various aspects of divorce through Continuing Legal Education courses. We have previously published articles for various family law and divorce publications. Our lawyers focus on honing their craft to provide you with the best possible legal services. 

  • Getting a Fair Division of Assets & Property

    Our divorce lawyers have the finanical know how to get you a fair and equitable asset/debt divsion. We have experience dividing all types of marital estates. Our trusted family law advisors have experience handling marital estates involving marital family businesses, retirement accounts, 401Ks and pensions, real estate investments, stock brokerage accounts, RSUs, unvested and vested options, and social security benefits. We also have experience handling cases involving minimal to negative net worth, high debt to income ratio, and high credit card debt. Regardless of your financial situation, our trusted family law advisors will guide you towards a fair asset division.

  • There is a Better Way

    While in the Courtroom, we don't hesitate to fight for our clients. Fighting and litgation, however, can increase costs and prolong your divorce. Accordingly, it is often not necessary nor is it the best way to resolve a divorce in many cases. We use active negotiation to reach out and work toward a resolution whenever appropriate. Our custom strategy allows us to help you craft your own resolution and negotiate for it, rather than let a judge decide what you get while you hope for the best. Nevertheless, if it becomes necessary to go to court and advocate for your rights and interests, we will not hesistate to do so.  We recognize that not every case is the same, therefore we listen to our clients and help create a custom strategy to get a positive resolution.

Choosing an Attorney

Divorces are extremely complex legal situations, often filled with intricate emotional, legal, and financial issues. As a result, it is vital to pick the right attorney to lead you through this difficult process. With so many lawyers, choosing a lawyer may seem like a daunting task. However, the process is easier if you know what to look for. When selecting an attorney, it is important to find one who is well regarded, within your price range, experienced, and with a practicing style and temperament that you are compatible with. Selecting a lawyer is like an interview process. Don't be afraid to call around and find the right fit for you. 

Important Information

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  • Common Divorce Mistakes

    In divorce, emotions run high and the parties experience guilt, anger, sadness and loneliness. As a result, these emotions can cause a party to a divorce to make critical mistakes that...
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