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Family law is more than divorce. Family law can ecompass a wide range of other issues. These family law issues can be emotionally and financially taxing on you and your family. Meriwether & Tharp's experienced family law attorneys are here to help you through this difficult time. We provide quality legal services for all aspects of family law. 

Family Law Information

  • Child Custody & Visitation Modifications

    It is possible to modify your child custody arrangment or visitation schedule after your divorce is finalized. You must show...  
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  • Child Support Modifications

    After the entry of a Final Order, the parties may seek to modify child support due to either a change of custody or due to a change in the income or financial circumstances of one or both...
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  • Alimony Modifications

    An action for a modification of alimony may be filed by either of the former spouses in order to seek a reduction or increase in the amount of alimony paid by one former spouse the other.
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  • Contempt Actions

    Generally, contempt of court refers to an action or actions that disregard or disobey an order of the court or conduct that is disrespectful toward the court. If your former spouse or partner...
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  • Appeals

    It is possible to appeal the final order of dissolution of marriage. The Florida Court of Appeals has jurisdiction to hear appeals of final orders of divorce or dissolution of...
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Today, it is very common for an unmarried couple to have a child out of wedlock. However, in Tampa, Orlando and throughout the state of Florida the biological unmarried father has no legal rights over the child until he becomes classified as the ‘legal father.’ In Florida, there is a distinction between the biological and legal father. The biological father is the man who fathered the mother’s child. Alternatively, the legal father is the man who has parental rights and responsibilities over the child. One can become the legal father through marriage, adoption, voluntary agreement, or court ruling.

  • Paternity Action Filed by Father

    To acquire parental rights beyond a Voluntary Agreement of Paternity, including time sharing and decision making rights, the father of an illegitimate child may file a petition for paternity. In a Petition for Paternity, the father may ask the court to establish paternity, time sharing schedule, and child support of a minor child(ren).

  • Paternity Action Filed by Mother

    Paternity actions are generally brought by the mother to establish and obtain child support. Any woman who is pregnant or has a child, may bring a paternity action to determine the paternity of the child when paternity has not been established by law or otherwise. The process to determine, modify, or enforce child support for illegitimate children generally follow the same principles as those for legitimate children.

  • Protection from Domestic Violence

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  • Step Parent Adoption

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  • Grandparents' Rights: Custody

    Although Florida law presumes that it is generally in the best interest of children to remain in the custody of their parents, grandparents or other family members may successfully intervene in divorce cases and other cases involving the determination of child custody to obtain custody rights with their grandchild. 

  • Annulment

    Like a divorce, an annulment ends a marriage. The key difference between a divorce and an annulment is whether the marriage being ended is recognized as valid. Unlike a divorce, which ends an existing valid marriage, an annulment ends the marriage, by declaring that it was never legitimate.


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