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  • Determining Child Custody

    If parents cannot agree to a custody arrangement, the court will decide custody for the parties by evaluating the “Best Interest Factors” listed below.
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  • Parental Responsibility

    Parental Responsibility refers to how decision making authority (the ability to make certain important decisions for the children) will be shared between the parents.
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  • Time Sharing

    The time-sharing arrangement (also known as the visitation schedule) sets out a pattern of which parent physically has custody of the child, when, and for how long.
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Parenting Plan

The Parenting Plan is a critical document for child custody. The Parenting Plan is the document that lists out parental responsibility (who has the ability to make certain major decisions for the child) and the time sharing schedule (schedule that lists who had physical custody, when, and for how long). Parenting Plans are designed to anticipate any issues that could arise with the child and avoid any future conflicts between the parents. Parents are encouraged to agree to and formulate their own Parenting Plan. However, if the parents cannot agree to a Parenting Plan or if the court will not approve their plan, a Parenting Plan will be created by the court.

Majority Time Sharing

A majority time sharing arrangement refers to when one parent has a majority of overnights (50.1% or more) with the child during the year.

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Equal Time Sharing

An equal time sharing arrangement refers to a scenario where both parents have an equal number of overnights during the year.

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Supervised Time Sharing

In rare and extreme cases, a judge may decide that a third person should be present for any visits between a parent and child.

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  • Can Fathers Win Child Custody?

    Some of the most common questions that people ask divorce lawyers in Orlando, Tampa and throughout the state of Florida are: “can fathers win child custody in Florida?” and “do mothers always win child custody over fathers?” Fathers are typically concerned about losing time with their children simply because the court will automatically grant the mother custody. In the State of Florida, the law is clear. There is no presumption for or against the father or mother.


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