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Calculating Net Income

A combined monthly net income for both parties must be calculated as the first step to calculating child support. Net income is obtained by subtracting allowable deductions from gross income. According to Fla. Stat. § 61.30(3), allowable deductions shall include:

  1. Federal, state, and local income tax deductions, adjusted for actual filing status and allowable dependents and income tax liabilities.
  2. Federal insurance contributions or self-employment tax.
  3. Mandatory union dues.
  4. Mandatory retirement payments.
  5. Health insurance payments, excluding payments for coverage of the minor child.
  6. Court-ordered support for other children which is actually paid.
  7. Spousal support paid pursuant to a court order from a previous marriage or the marriage before the court.

For each individual, the above deductions should be subtracted from their individual gross incomes. That will yield each individual’s net income. The net incomes of both individuals must be combined and inputted into the Child Support Guideline Worksheet.


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