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Temporary Alimony

In Florida, a court may order one spouse to make alimony payments to the other spouse during the pendency of the divorce. These alimony payments are called temporary alimony or alimony pendente lite (pending the suit). This type of alimony is awarded during the divorce suit, but prior to the time that the divorce is final. Temporary alimony ends once the divorce is final. However, alimony may be continued under a different label after the divorce is final. Generally speaking, the purpose of temporary alimony is to allow a spouse that may be financially dependent on the other spouse the financial ability to pursue the divorce action to its completion and take care of expenses incident to the parties’ separation.

 Practice Pointer - If I get temporary alimony, will I get alimony after the divorce?

Once the divorce is final, a court may order that alimony continue; however, an order of temporary alimony does not guarantee that the recipient will ultimately receive alimony after the divorce is final.


In all divorce proceedings in Florida, a party may claim alimony and suit money in the divorce petition/complaint or by motion. If the petition is well founded, the court shall allow a reasonable sum therefor. Fla. Stat. § 61.071.

If a party in any proceeding for divorce claims alimony or suit money in his or her answer or by motion, and if the answer or motion is well founded, the court shall allow a reasonable sum therefor. Id.


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