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Once you have determined that divorce is your only viable option, it may be wise to start preparing yourself, mentally, emotionally and financially. Divorce is a major life decision, you should think about what the consequences will be, how you can minimize those consequences and how you can get through this process and get a head start on your new life. You should start by planning an exit strategy and gathering important documents and information that your lawyer may need during the divorce. Next, you should devise a plan for how you will handle telling the kids about the divorce so as to minimize the impact the process will have on them. 

Divorce Preparation

  • Planning an Exit Strategy

    Before informing your spouse that you are seeking a divorce, there are several things that may be useful to do and complete. Listed below is a list of things to consider and complete when contemplating a divorce. While many of the items on the list can be completed beforehand, there are several that may be easier to complete after you and your spouse are separated.

  • Information Gathering

    Due to the intricate nature of a contested divorce, the more knowledge your attorney has, the better they will be able to evaluate your case and advocate on your behalf. Consequently, it is vital to provide your attorney with all relevant information relating to your current financial situation, personal history, and possible issues with custody. Below is a list that displays information and documents to gather early in the divorce process.

  • Telling Your Spouse

    Typically when a marriage is no longer thriving, emotions will run high and spouses will become much more sensitive to any issues large or small. Discussing divorce with your spouse is often a very difficult thing to do. This is especially true where one spouse is unaware that the marriage is broken. Below are several tips to help you navigate this difficult conversation with your spouse.

  • Telling the Kids

    When a Florida divorce involves children, one question that often comes to mind as a couple considers divorce is: “how do we tell the kids?” This often may seem like a scary task due the sensitive nature of divorce and how children process the separation. Many parents are concerned that their children will blame themselves for the divorce or question whether their parents still love them. These are legitimate concerns. Notwithstanding, we included some tips below that will help arm you with the right tools and information to better handle this very sensitive subject.

Is my Spouse Cheating?

One relatively common reason for seeking divorce is adultery. However, determining whether your spouse is actually cheating is not always the easiest thing to do. Before hiring a private investigator or taking other means to observe your spouse’s activities, you should observe your spouse’s behavior. Observing your spouse’s behavior may help you determine if your spouse may be cheating, and if it is time to consider speaking with an Orlando or Tampa divorce lawyer.


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